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Contact Phone: 1-844-NORSAND (1-844-667-7263)


Monday - Thursday: 05:00 - 21:00

Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Stat Holidays: Flight Schedule Dependent

Christmas Day and Boxing Day: Closed

what's new?

Effective May 2017

Personal alcohol will no longer be permitted at the Albian village.

Passenger additions to flights

As the new reservation system is operated by a third party, the logistics services excution team(l.s.e.t.) will not be able to add passengers to flights within 3 hours of the departure time; changes will be actioned at the airport if possible; this is not guaranteed and flights will not be delayed to make changes.

first time flyers or passengers without reservations

Passengers who do not have a reservation in the system and do not have a passenger profile will be denied boarding.

passengers to ensure reservations are confirmed and accurate

It is the responsibility of the passenger (or the person requesting the flight) to ensure that the flight/s have been booked and that all details are correct. All flight details will be included on the flight itinerary along with these terms and conditions.

government issued photo ID

Name on flight reservation must match name on government issued photo ID – passengers whose names do not match will be denied boarding Company ID badges are not valid for check in (can be used for security check before boarding aircraft)

Data Privacy Policy
  • North Sands respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information that we collect through the flight reservation process. We are collecting your personal information for security and operational purposes, including processing your reservation request, correct identification of passengers, and communicating with passengers. North Sands Air Services Ltd., a Canadian company, will ensure that your personal information is protected in accordance with applicable law.
  • Check-in procedures
  • Passengers should arrive at least 1 hour prior to flight departure
  • All Calgary-Albian 06:00 flights close at 05:10 (50 mins prior to departure); passengers cannot Check-in after that time
  • All other flights close 30 minutes prior to departure; passengers cannot Check-in after that time
  • Passengers failing to arrive for Check-in before the flight close time will be denied boarding; no exceptions will be made
  • All passengers must present either one piece of government issued photo identification or two pieces of government issued non-photo identification
  • Passengers failing to present sufficient id will be denied boarding [photocopies are not acceptable]
  • The name on the id must match that on the flight manifest or the passenger will be denied boarding
  • First time flyers must have a reservation or a flight profile or s/he will be denied boarding even with a government issued photo id
  • access to site
  • All personnel flying to Albian> must have either a valid site badge or a completed visitor agreement form
  • Contractors please remember if you have not scanned your id badge for 30 days as it will be invalid. Please contact your contractor focal to have it re-validated
  • appropriate clothing
  • Closed toe shoes are mandatory for all flights
  • During winter months, all passengers must be dressed for appropriate weather
  • During summer months, short sleeved shirts and shorts are acceptable (no tank tops)
  • Passengers failing to comply with these clothing requirements may be denied boarding
  • baggage + security
  • Personal, carry-on and checked bag screening is implemented at all airports
  • Carry-on bags are limited to one piece at no more than 20 lbs. dimensions 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches or 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • In addition, one small personal item is allowed (i.e. purse or laptop bag) this item has to be small enough to be stored under the seat
  • Ground handling staff reserves the right to Check-in any items which are deemed to be too large
  • Checked luggage total weight is limited to 100 lbsper person [each bag cannot weigh more than 50 lbs]
  • Refer to link for prohibited items
  • On aircraft (fixed wing and helicopter) with a maximum seating capacity of 19 seats or less, passengers will be asked to step on a scale upon Check-in. passengers declining to be weighed will not be permitted to board the aircraft
  • If you discover after your flight that your luggage is missing or has been damaged, you must contact airport ground personnel and complete a report prior to leaving the terminal
  • smoking is prohibited
  • Electronic cigarettes are prohibited from use on board flights; e-cigarettes cannot be carried in the aircraft cabin when there is no flight attendant present
  • E-cigarettes can only be packed in carry-on luggage and are prohibited in checked luggage
  • cancelling flights/ rescheduling flights
  • If you discover for any reason you are unable to travel you must provide proper notice prior to the flight departure date or the passenger may be charged for the flight. This will be depend on your companies cancellation policies for travel.
  • When cancelling a flight within 3 hours of departure please contact north sands or see the check in agent at your departure airport
  • standby status
  • If a passenger is placed on a standby list for an upcoming flight, it is at their discretion to remain on the standby list or find alternate transportation
  • If passengers go to the airport when they are still on the standby list they will be added to the flight. when and if, seats become available
  • If a passenger chooses to find alternate transportation and wishes to cancel their position on the standby list, the passenger is responsible for ensuring the standby flight is cancelled – there is no late fee for cancelling a standby flight
  • medical approval for travel (expectant mothers) policy
  • A woman with a normal pregnancy and no previous history of premature labour may travel up to her 32nd week, after which she will require written medical approval in the form of a letter from her physician. please declare your pregnancy (when nearing or in excess of the 32nd week of pregnancy) to your check-in agent so that they may see your medical approval and inform the flight crew
  • airport locations
  • Please got to for airport location
  • airport parking
  • Please ensure you will follow all parking instructions to avoid vehicle being ticketed or towed
  • The north sands terminal YYC has spots available for parking less than 48 hours; this is on a first-come first-serve basis. If you do not have a valid north sands parking pass and your vehicle remains parked longer than 48 hours it will be towed at your expense.